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New sale of bricks will be on the Walls of Honor for Memorial Day 2017.

Brick forms can be found at Estacada True Value Hardware near the service desk, at the Chamber of Commerce Office or at the Library.  Forms can also be down-loaded from this web site. 

Please do not return the completed forms back to these locations.  Mail them to the address listed on the form.  This will insure that the completed forms and payment is received by EASOTF so that the bricks can be ordered and put on the walls.

   We recently lost one of our dear members of EASOTF and a true friend.  Kenneth "Tunk" Thompson.  Tunk was an Army veteran and also served in the Arizona Rangers.  He will be greatly missed by all.

 Our Memorial Day Ceremony will start ay 11:00 a.m. and continue unti noon at which time the flags will be raised to Full Staff.


I mention this group because they are new to Estacada and are dear to me.  This is the new Chapter 74 of the American Legion Riders.  Watch for them in Estacada.  They will represent the American Legion and The American Legion Riders in our events.  They will lead the Veteran's Day parade either behind the honor guard or they will be the honor guard.



In order to keep nice flags at the memorial, we are asking anyone who wants to buy a military flag to send $50.00 to EASOTF and let us know what branch of the military you want to buy.  If you want to buy a U.S. flag, the cost will be $75.00.

Anyone wanting to buy a flag will have a brass plate with their name attached permanently to the flag pole or a brick around the statue base.


A great web site showing all known veteran's memorials in the United States now has the Estacada Veteran's Memorial listed.

The name of the web site is "American Memorials Directory - Journey of a Lifetime" at http://americanmemorial.weebly.com


Another new website that has the Estacada Veteran's Memorial listed nationally is the American Legion date base.  This data base is used to collect information and pictures and document Veterans Memorial around the United States.  The web site is www.legion.org/memorials.

Check it out.


If you have any questions or comments please email
Dennis Dahrens.
Click Here to email

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Many times I have been asked "can a veteran render the hand salute when the flag is present"?

The answer is yes.

On October 14, 2009, Federal law was changed to not only let veterans in civilian clothing render the hand salute when the flag is passing, but it also allows veterans to render the hand salute during the playing of the National Anthem.

This was signed into law  in the National Defense Authorization Act of 2009, which was signed by President Bush.


 EASOTF has 6 donation boxes set out a different businesses.  The funds from these donation will be put into the construction fund to help finish the miscellaneous elements to the memorial to complete it.

To see the elements needed to finish the memorial and to check our progress on funding these projects,  please look on the funding page of this web site.


VANDALISM AT THE MEMORIAL                    


Destroying, mutilating, defacing, or injuring the Veteran's Memorial including theft or removal of any plant material is a Class A Misdomeanor punishable by up to a $50,000 fine under ORS 166.076.


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