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The Estacada Veterans Memorial was designed by John H. Nieder.  John designed the memorial so that each element of the design has a purpose.

A.  The overall design is a figure eight (8) which is the infinity sign or meaning "forever."

B.  The design was to be kept simple but eye pleasing with fewer costs associated.

C.  Overall design is to be pleasing to the eye.  From S.W. Second Street, the design increases in height to the flag poles.  From the upper part of town at N.W. Wade and N.W. First, it should be pleasing to the eye with the flags showing and then the the design flowing down in height to the parking area.

D.  In front of the flag poles, are two eight ft. "Walls of Honor" for inclusion of Veterans bricks as they are purchased.  You will notice they are curved.  This is to make you feel you are "in" the memorial rather than "at" it.

E.  The eye of the figure eight nearest the flag poles will be an area used for chair and seating during ceremonies.

F.  In the center of the figure eight is a statue base.  Bricks at the foot of the statue base show donors of $100 or more.  The pedestal has an Eagle Statue, the "Spirit of America" on permanent loan by the American Legion, Carl Douglas Post 74.

G.  The eye of the figure eight nearest Second Street has a two ft. high flower bed.  In this flower be is located a Blue Star Memorial donated by the Estacada Garden Club.

H.  At the front of the memorial are two four ft. walls which were designed to eventually have bricks of first responders included.  These walls have an archway inscribed "Estacada Veterans Memorial."


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Dennis Dahrens.
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This nation will remain the land of the free so long as it is the home of the brave.          ~~Elmer Davis~~